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The hemp university pages are a place to learn about a plant that we know as hemp.  Learning about hemp is easy  due to the amazing amount of products that we can produce in a renewable manner.  Food, fuel and fiber, hemp can provide all three high level product markets, they are the three things that we need as a society to live. The hemp education section is an online repository on the topic of hemp. We hope you take the time to learn about hemp and the many uses of hemp. We encourage you to then try a hemp food product but we are convinced that once you learn about hemp you will agree that it is silly that the US government will not allow the farmers to grow it.

Hemp pages in the Hemp University to learn more:

Quick factsUses of hempHemp proteinHemp fuelHemp seedsHemp oilHemp building materialsHemp plasticsHemp weaving/clothingGrowing hempCountries growing hempHemp in Australia & New Zealand …
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