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Kentucky Begins Growing Industrial Hemp

DEA - Hemp is not marijuana

After the recent debacle where DEA agents seized a shipment of hemp seeds bound for Kentucky, there has been a lot of hemp news coming out of the area. Last Tuesday the University of Kentucky officially started growing industrial hemp on one of their test plots in order to research and determine the potential of […]

Happy Hemp History Week!

10 Dollar bill depicts a hemp farmer

As most of you already know, Monday the 2nd of June kicked off the 5th annual hemp history week. Festivals and activities are going on all throughout the country in an attempt to get more people into this versatile crop as well as open some eyes for the economical, health, and environmental benefits of industrial […]

Kentucky Gets Their Hemp Seed

Industrial hemp seed ready for planting

A week before it would be too late to plant any industrial hemp, Kentucky has received its shipment of hemp seed which was confiscated by customs not too long ago. The battle was for just over 250 pounds of hemp seed being shipped over from Italy and seized by the DEA for unclear reasons. Industrial […]

UPDATE: Kentucky Sues for the Return of Hemp Seeds

Industrial hemp field up close

On Wednesday Kentucky sued the federal government for the return of its 250 pounds of hemp seeds which the DEA had seized earlier as it approached from Italy. The hemp seeds were to be used as part of a pilot project in which 9 lots of land would be designated for growing industrial hemp for […]

Kentucky Moving Forward Despite DEA Seizure

Kentucky has a history of industrial hemp

In current hemp news, the DEA recently seized a 250 pound shipment of industrial hemp seeds from Italy heading to Kentucky for research purposes and Kentucky Agricultural Commissioner James Comer says he plans to move forward with the plans to grow, harvest, and research industrial hemp on one of the pilot lots they plan to […]

Louisville Kentucky Hemp Farmers 250lb bag of seeds

Wild Kentucky Industrial Hemp

Louisville Kentucky farmers were waiting for a 250 pound batch of industrial hemp seeds, which were being sent over from Italy, so they could begin planting and growing industrial hemp for the first time in decades, but ran into a bit of a snag when Federal Customs agents stepped in and put a stop to […]