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Happy Hemp History Week!

10 Dollar bill depicts a hemp farmer

As most of you already know, Monday the 2nd of June kicked off the 5th annual hemp history week. Festivals and activities are going on all throughout the country in an attempt to get more people into this versatile crop as well as open some eyes for the economical, health, and environmental benefits of industrial […]

Colorado: Hemp Farmers Still Battling

Industrial hemp plants with morning dew

Following closely the current hemp news in Colorado, you’ll see a lot of good news, including industrial hemp farmers being given the nod to start legally growing hemp for research purposes. Industrial hemp in Colorado is only one example of the handful of states already starting to put hemp seeds in the ground, however, some […]

More Farmers In Colorado To Start Growing Hemp

Colorado Industrial Hemp

Industrial hemp farming is still widely banned, but certain states who pushed for the bill to legalize the growth of hemp, have been taking off. Two Montezuma County farmers just recently joined the rest of the industrial hemp growers in Colorado (close to 100 now) who will begin to grow just over 1,300 acres of […]

Legal or not, industrial hemp harvested in Colorado

SPRINGFIELD, Colo. (AP) – Southeast Colorado farmer Ryan Loflin tried an illegal crop this year. He didn’t hide it from neighbors, and he never feared law enforcement would come asking about it. Loflin is among about two dozen Colorado farmers who raised industrial hemp, marijuana’s non-intoxicating cousin that can’t be grown under federal drug law, […]

Hemp harvest begins in southeastern Colorado

America’s first (known) industrial hemp harvest in more than fifty years began this month in southeastern Colorado. This past spring, following last year’s passage of Amendment 64, which legalized small amounts of marijuana for adults and paved the way for industrial hemp production, farmer Ryan Loflin planted 55 acres of marijuana’s sober sister. Last week, […]

EnviroTextile Hemp Products Listed With USDA Biopreferred Program

EnviroTextiles, LLC, a Colorado based Industrial hemp and natural fiber manufacturer, is pleased to announce that it has earned approval from the USDA BioPreferred® Program as the only Hemp products manufacturer to list their products in the Federal Procurement Preferred category. To quote the USDA’s website: “The purpose of the USDA BioPreferred® program is to […]