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My Hemp Epiphany

Industrial Hemp Lifestyle

The other day I was walking through a park with my family. We were enjoying a day out; gazing at beautiful flower patches, and marvelling at the crisp breeze in our faces. So much magnificent beauty our Earth had inhabited. And then I had an epiphany. What if we started fresh, found some land, and […]

Hemp: The Billion Dollar Crop

Hemp Field in Canada

In February 1938, Popular Mechanics Magazine called hemp the “New Billion Dollar Crop”. This allows us to peer into the realm of “what could have been” and steal a taste of just how close we were to saving ourselves decades of unnecessary pollution and money. Hemp seemed to be on the precipice of achieving greatness, […]

Hemp: The World’s Most Perfect Material

Hemp seeds are great for your health

What if I sat you down in a dimly lit café, swirling a small straw around in my latte, while staring you dead in the face and telling you that I had hemp news for you which could be nature’s answer to virtually every issue mankind has created? You would probably laugh and tell me […]

Hemp Inc – Scam, Pump and Dump or Legit?

Note: All of this is public information already… I have just consolidated some of it on this site… Hemp inc is a scam… They continue to release awesome sounding press releases but do not deliver on any of them. Do your own due diligence on them, of course, but I have some information that you […]

Hemp University

Want to learn more about industrial hemp?  Check out this great site,  It is great place to learn about all of the wonderful aspects of industrial hemp! Check out all these great pages they have on the topic! Quick facts Uses of hemp Hemp protein Hemp fuel Hemp seeds Hemp oil Hemp oil for […]