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Hemp History Week

Kentucky hemp and tobacco in same field

As most of you know, it is hemp history week, and I’ve decided to dive into something that I find very interesting and thought provoking. I want to hop into a time machine with you and go back to the 1930’s, where industrial hemp grew freely in the Country, and was considered just another normal […]

The Incredible Edible… Hemp?

Healthy Hemp Cookies - Hemp Food

If you search the internet for hemp news you’ll find a large handful of very informative and helpful articles regarding current hemp news and events, but what you might have a hard time locating is the actual uses for industrial hemp, which in most cases, are mind blowing. Not a lot of people out there […]

Hemp Inc – Scam, Pump and Dump or Legit?

Note: All of this is public information already… I have just consolidated some of it on this site… Hemp inc is a scam… They continue to release awesome sounding press releases but do not deliver on any of them. Do your own due diligence on them, of course, but I have some information that you […]