The Facts about Hemp

Hemp has a rich history in the United States

Hemp seeds are great for your healthWhile many of us know that industrial hemp is being grown at a rapidly increasing rate across America for research purposes, not a lot of people really understand all the facts about this amazingly versatile plant. Unless you’ve been following current hemp news very strictly, you may not know everything there is to know about industrial hemp.

  • Before hemp was banned in the 1950’s, it was being grown for 12,000 years across the globe. Industrial hemp was used for everything from paper, to cloth, to food, and just about everyone used hemp for something. Paper was actually made from industrial hemp before it was made from trees.
  • Early American colonies use hemp to make ropes and sails, which were used on boats and other very important transportation vehicles and housing applications. Even our early leaders and pioneers (George Washington and Thomas Jefferson) grew industrial hemp.
  • There is a mill in France which produces paper made from hemp, and is used to make Bibles because it lasts longer than conventional paper and doesn’t yellow.
  • Henry Ford made a car composed entirely of industrial hemp and even ran off of a hemp biofuel.
  • Hemp oil is the richest source of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids and is also very high in amino acids as well, making this plant extremely healthy for you, when the oils are ingested. Many food products exist today which include this acid.
  • Industrial hemp is grown in tight spaces, making it impossible to “hide the fact” that an industrial hemp farmer might be growing marijuana instead of the versatile plant. (This was actually a concern of the DEA’s before it was quickly debunked and thrown out the window)
  • Canada has since allowed for the growing of industrial hemp. The United States is following closely behind with already a large handful of States growing hemp for research.
  • Construction materials such as beams, fiber boards, strand boards, studs, and posts can all be made from industrial hemp. Hemp fibers are long and durable, making construction products even stronger and lighter than the wood we generally use to build houses and other structures.

It is no surprise that industrial hemp in the United States would be a serviceable alternative to building materials, but when you realize that you’ve only begun to scratch the surface of the hemp plant’s potential, you begin to see why it’s quickly becoming the perfect plant. Keep on top of hemp news and current hemp information to find out more about this life-changing plant.

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