Hemp: The Passive Crop

The many hemp food choices

I went to a hemp news conference last week to get the inside scoop on the latest industrial hemp developments throughout the country. It was actually very informative and I learned a lot about the direction in which industrial hemp is headed in today. The one thing that stood out to me the most would have to be the very moment a man with a bushy moustache and receding hairline, standing in the back of the room, raised his hand and asked a very interesting question; “If so many hemp farmers are going to start growing all these plants, what happens to our food?” He asked. “I mean, we sacrifice our food for these hemp plants. That’s unacceptable.” The room grew silent except for a few people scattered about who chuckled under their breath. Perhaps that’s because they already knew the answer to his question.

If industrial hemp and produce had a showdown, there would be no fight. Not because one is better than the other, or one generates more money or saves more livesHemp Farming soon in Tennessee. There would be no fight because the two can actually co-exist equally. No farmer would have to dig up his crops to plant industrial hemp seeds or vice versa, in fact, all the food that we grow today can actually stay put, while hemp is planted into the ground at an entirely different location. Hemp grows in moderate to poor soil, meaning you can plant industrial hemp seeds virtually anywhere. You can plant seeds where you couldn’t normally grow crops in the first place. Hemp grows in moderate to poor climate. This means that weather that could normally destroy produce and other food crops won’t harm the industrial hemp. It will grow in almost any climate condition because it needs so little to flourish. It’s drought resistant, pest resistant, flood resistant, and needs absolutely no fertilizer. In fact, industrial hemp plants actually revitalize the soil in which it’s grown. So saying that planting hemp will take away from the crops that we eat today, is like saying your swimming pool is going to take up too much space in your living room, so you won’t be able to buy that television set you’ve been wanting. See what I mean? Absolutely no showdown because they don’t need the same surroundings to exist.

In America alone we have over 11 million acres of moderate to poor soil where industrial hemp can be planted and grown. This means we have more than enough empty areas to grow hemp without even having to compromise the slightest resource. No tearing down forests, no digging up crops, just plant the industrial hemp and wait. It’s one of the lowest maintenance plants on Earth. It’s also the passive crop, because it will thrive where no other plants will survive. Industrial hemp is the person who gives their seat up and sits on the floor because they’re perfectly fine anywhere. You can imagine the look on moustache man’s face when he learned, just a little bit more, how practical and perfect industrial hemp really is.

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