Hemp: The Anti-Marijuana

Industrial hemp being harvested by a combine in Australia

Industrial hemp that has been cut is drying in the fieldThere once was a time when industrial hemp was used for just about everything. From clothing, to paper, to textiles, and even food; hemp was a widely grown and used industrial material. This was a different time, where men and women would weave ropes from industrial hemp, or contract building materials for houses and government buildings. Where you could grow hemp just about anywhere you wanted, and didn’t have to search for the perfect soil. It was the best source of not only materials, but money as well. In turn, people were happy. Civilizations flourished under industrial hemp farms.

But during the last seventy years, the growth of industrial hemp has been banned. Although hemp is still recognized as medicinally helpful, as well as extremely clean and good for the environment, it has been deemed illegal because it is a variation of the Cannabis sativa plant. When the world created that classic film “Reefer Madness” that we all love to watch and chuckle at now, things for this plant back in the 1930s started to take a downward spiralling plunge into illegality. Cannabis was soon to be banned, along with everything associated with it.

The industrial hemp plant was now banned.

One of the main reasons was its close relationship with marijuana, as has since been the topic of a huge worldwide debate. Some claim that hemp is actually a type of marijuana that could actually get you high (which isn’t even close to being true), while others thought there might be some different kind of high from smoking the plant. Hallucinations! Hysteria! Again, this is simply not true. In fact, the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) found in the marijuana variety are so low that no human being could get high from smoking it. Instead, hemp contains a high volume of another type of cannabinoid called CBD which actually blocks the THC effects in your body and prevents you from getting high off of its groovier cousin. This would, in turn, make the hemp plant an “anti-marijuana”.

Once considering this, one can only laugh at the hypocrisy of making industrial hemp illegal. Especially if the reasons are related to “getting high”. Current hemp news tell us all that industrial hemp is the cheapest and cleanest resource this Earth could provide for us. So why not take advantage? Instead, we’re left with a falsely accused prisoner, being held captive in a jail cell, full of reminders of what could have been.

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