Happy Hemp History Week!

10 Dollar bill depicts a hemp farmer

Hemp History Week 2014As most of you already know, Monday the 2nd of June kicked off the 5th annual hemp history week. Festivals and activities are going on all throughout the country in an attempt to get more people into this versatile crop as well as open some eyes for the economical, health, and environmental benefits of industrial hemp. If you were to visit any current hemp news website, you’d notice that this plant is beginning to catch the attention of more and more people nationwide.

In Colorado alone, industrial hemp farmers have been given the OK to plant a little over 1,000 acres of hemp. This Colorado hemp will prove to be most useful in the research of the crop to determine the possible potential it might possess. Another state that has jumped into the industrial hemp train is Kentucky. They started a handful of pilot plots themselves with the help of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, and plan to closely study this crop to see the best and most efficient ways to grow, process, and develop industrial hemp. This nation was once thriving because of the plant, and just now are we starting to make serious headway in rebuilding the close bond that we used to have with hemp.

Fun fact for Hemp Week: Hemp’s biomass could be converted into energy that could replace nuclear power, as well as fossil fuels. If we farmed just 6% of the US’s acreage we can accomplish this. Take a second to let that sink in. Six percent. And we could fuel a trillion dollar a year industry.

This is just one (albeit a big one) of the many uses we can find for industrial hemp today. These pilot plots and research farms will allow us to dive deeper into the depths of hemp applications, such as biofuel, or even medicine. Hemp oil can be used in a variety of medicine and healthy food. Cheap, clean, power and healthier foods from a plant you can grow anywhere? What is this crazy talk? Why hasn’t it caught on? Well, that’s what Hemp Week is trying to show the rest of the world who may not be as informed as some of us. Hemp Industries Association along with Vote Hemp, (the country’s largest advocate for the legalization of industrial hemp farming), organized these events with the hopes to “plant” some knowledge in the minds of uninformed onlookers, as well as celebrate the Government’s loosening grip of this banned crop.

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