DEA Agent Quits Over Hemp

Kentucky has a history of industrial hemp

Hemp being harvestedAn anonymous DEA agent (or now ex-DEA agent) has spoken out recently over the events unfolding in the world of industrial hemp and current hemp news. The DEA recently seized a large shipment of hemp seeds headed for Kentucky from Italy. This wouldn’t exactly be turning many heads, except for the fact that Kentucky had legally ordered and legally planned to grow the industrial hemp on designated plots in the state. The University of Kentucky had planned to grow the hemp in an effort to research its potential for commercial and medicinal use.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, Kentucky has their hemp seeds, has planted, and have now begun the process of growing and harvesting industrial hemp. The DEA has returned the hemp seeds and have now backed down completely, allowing Kentucky hemp farmers and officials to get back to the task at hand. One agent, however, has anonymously spoken out on the internet, claiming that he (or she) has quit the agency and does not plan on looking back. They have some choice words for the Drug Enforcement Agency, as well as for Administrator Michele Leonhart.

“Tomorrow is my last day as an employee working for the DEA.” They said. “Every time I read a quote from Michele Leonhart I become more and more disgusted. I cannot morally and ethically continue to work for such an organization. I cannot support an organization that supports mandatory minimum sentences, I cannot support an organization that supports straight up LIES like the DEA spouts on a daily basis. I cannot support an organization that targets non-violent citizens for simply enjoying a smoke. I cannot do this job anymore. I can’t do it. I hope Michele Leonhart gets fired and the DEA loses its funding. Law enforcement needs to focus on REAL problems in society.”

Pretty harsh words and definitely an eye opener, considering things seem to be so one-sided that an agent actually decided to quit the agency. Now, this is just speculation, but still a very worthy topic of discussion considering the fact that Michele Leonhart does indeed consider hemp a drug and has publicly stated her distain for the plant, which is in fact, not a drug. She has made her thoughts clear on marijuana as well as her disgust for the American flags which are being made from hemp fibers. Marijuana and hemp flags aside, there seems to be a bit of an uproar surrounding her and her many views, including her thoughts on industrial hemp in particular.

As I personally have said many times, this world is better off with industrial hemp for a wealth of reasons, and it seems that the old fashioned thinking of some individuals might just become more and more of a threat to the discovery of new and exciting ways to boost our economy, create money, and save our planet.

Just food for thought.

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