Colorado: Hemp Farmers Still Battling

Industrial hemp plants with morning dew

Hemp Stalks ready for decorticationFollowing closely the current hemp news in Colorado, you’ll see a lot of good news, including industrial hemp farmers being given the nod to start legally growing hemp for research purposes. Industrial hemp in Colorado is only one example of the handful of states already starting to put hemp seeds in the ground, however, some farmers are saying they’re still getting a hard time from some government officials. This isn’t surprising.

Hemp, or Cannabis sativa looks just like its cousin marijuana, but doesn’t have any of the THC that gives you a high when smoked or ingested. It’s just an ordinary plant. However, some government officials can’t seem to get past the visual similarities. Just last week an ordeal involving Kentucky hemp farmers came to a gruelling halt when DEA and Customs agents seized a nearly 300 pound shipment of hemp seeds, despite the fact that Kentucky Department of Agriculture had legally ordered them. This issue has concerned some other hemp farmers in the country including Jim Denny, 1 of over 100 hemp farmers to be given the go-ahead by the Colorado DOA to start planting, growing, and harvesting industrial hemp.

“The crop right now is sellable.” Denny said, referring to the incredibly versatile plant. He added, “I’ve already had people contacting me on my website saying, ‘We know you’re growing stuff and we want to buy it from you already’ and we haven’t even put it in the ground.”

This speaks volumes for the type of plant we’re talking about here. Industrial hemp can be used for a wide range of applications including, paper, rope, clothing, textiles, building materials, as well as food and even fuel. That’s right. Fuel.

But industrial hemp farmers are still running into problems when it comes to growing this crop, and this could become increasingly more annoying for farmers and consumers alike. These farmers live in states which passed a bill allowing them to grow industrial hemp legally, yet some (like in Kentucky) have come across some unforeseen legal battles regarding their hemp lots. Look, if we weren’t talking about a plant that could change the world as we know it, this might be a non-issue, but industrial hemp can be useful for just about anything you can think of. Clean energy, clothes on our backs, healthier foods, and did I mention fuel? A steadily decreasing natural resource can be replaced by a single plant. But we can talk more about that another day.

Unless something is done, or these officials can understand the fact that industrial hemp isn’t marijuana, we might start to see the hemp growth process in this Country slow a bit before getting any better. No matter how legal it may be now.

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