A Debt Free America: In A Perfect World with Industrial Hemp

Industrial Hemp growing in a field

Hemp Seed Oil  is healthyThis country has been in debt for some time now, and without going back in time to relive the events which lead to this insane occurrence, we can talk a little bit about how to get ourselves out of it. Believe it or not, it has to do with industrial hemp. The more and more the laws regarding the growth of industrial hemp wear down, and the more and more hemp farmers in America begin to pick lots in which to grow this plant, the more and more we start to notice that industrial hemp might just be the next big thing for us.

Money doesn’t grow on trees. It grows in the ground, and it’s called “industrial hemp”.

Ok, say it with me: Uncontrollable market.

This is something that the powers to be were trying to avoid when fighting to get this plant banned. If big corporations couldn’t sell their pesticides and fertilizers, what’s the use? If any average Joe could grow this stuff, why bother? Then everyone would be making money and that’s apparently a no-no.
Since hemp seeds can be planted anywhere and take little to nothing to grow, everyone would be getting a slice of the pie, and the big guys wouldn’t be making nearly as much as they could be. Let’s not even mention the paper industries and fuel companies who will feel a dramatic hit in profit. That is certainly unacceptable; debt free America or not, the rich want to get even richer.

Industrial hemp can be used in over 25,000 applications. From healthy food items to plastic, to fuel, to fabrics, paper, cosmetics, and even building materials. With so much versatility, industrial hemp could be grown for just about anything. The fact that hemp seeds can be planted in any soil is just the icing on the cake, because this means the potential for income is virtually limitless. We could catapult this country out of debt with just a few simple words: “Industrial hemp is now legal to grow.”

Because now we have clean energy, clothes on our back, healthier foods, stronger building materials, cheaper fuel…the list goes on and on. Plant your hemp seeds and harvest for any number of these uses. Current hemp news tells us that more and more states are passing a bill to allow some farmers to legally grow industrial hemp for research purposes, but it’s simply in the infant stage, and not enough right now. Not to mention nearly impossible to get a permit. In the future, however, we might see these laws broaden, and we might find ourselves staring into the face of a money-making machine. Industrial hemp.

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