UPDATE: Kentucky Sues for the Return of Hemp Seeds

Industrial hemp field up close

Hemp seeds are great for your healthOn Wednesday Kentucky sued the federal government for the return of its 250 pounds of hemp seeds which the DEA had seized earlier as it approached from Italy. The hemp seeds were to be used as part of a pilot project in which 9 lots of land would be designated for growing industrial hemp for research purposes. Previous hemp news articles explain this in more detail, however, as of today we’re learning that the Kentucky Department of Agriculture has filed a law suit to take back the seeds and for the DEA to back down on their demands for a permit.

“The Cultivation of industrial hemp is lawful.” The KDA has written in their statement. They went on to say, “The public interest is not served by allowing unaccountable federal agencies to exercise arbitrary and capricious powers, not rationally related to carrying out any legitimate governmental purpose.” The point they make is clear and correct. Kentucky is one of a large handful of states who passed a bill to legalize the growth of industrial hemp for materials, food, fuel, cosmetics, and many other useful purposes. All of which will help the people, save money, and help clean up the planet. State Agriculture Commissioner James Comer said, “I hated to do that, but we’ve been misled and it’s obviously a stall tactic.” He goes on to list all of the industrial hemp farmers who want to grow it, as well as research who are ready and eager to begin discovering the potential for this “perfect plant.” The DEA is saying that the issue here is the fact that the hemp seeds are coming from out of the country, but Comer and the rest of the KDA just aren’t buying it. So the lawsuit ensues. No pun intended.

The sooner we can utilize the potential of industrial hemp, the sooner we can begin saving money on things like plastics and metal, not to mention production costs for paper mills and factories. Industrial hemp has and can be used to make paper as a fraction of the cost and without plowing down millions of trees per year. The hempstalks regenerate and the lots to grow the hemp are small and can be placed anywhere since hemp doesn’t need to be planted in special soil with special fertilizer. Fast. Easy. And all you need is sunlight. Industrial hemp can be a turning point for our civilization as it was so widely used even thousands of years ago but made illegal in the 1930s. Plans to grow Industrial hemp in Kentucky aren’t changing as they have already stated that they have reserve seeds on hand and plan to move forward with the research of the hemp plant.

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