The Incredible Edible… Hemp?

Healthy Hemp Cookies - Hemp Food

Healthy Hemp Cookies - Hemp FoodIf you search the internet for hemp news you’ll find a large handful of very informative and helpful articles regarding current hemp news and events, but what you might have a hard time locating is the actual uses for industrial hemp, which in most cases, are mind blowing. Not a lot of people out there understand what a versatile and helpful material hemp can be when both constructing as well as consuming this natural plant. That’s right, consuming. Well call this: Hemp Food.

Let’s talk about hemp food and hemp oils and seeds in particular. Hemp seeds and hemp oil are a great source of Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 fatty acids, as well as amino acids and minerals. The very important proteins hemp possesses are a more bio-available protein than most other protein sources you can find. Hemp food was common in medieval Germany, where this ingredient was used in pies, soups, and other popular food items in the region. People munched on hemp food for centuries, reaping the benefits of hemp’s natural nutrition, and ultimately, keeping healthy.

We spend thousands of dollars on health foods and almost always forget that hemp foods are not only better for you, but less expensive in most cases. Since hemp can be grown for pennies, you can see why it’s a no-brainer to farm and produce this magnificent plant at a mind-blowingly cheaper cost than it takes to make alternatives. Already, there are a handful of states which can legally grow industrial hemp, and that number is growing more and more each year.

Hemp oil has a very nutty flavor and both olive and flaxseed oil can and is used as salad dressing all over the world. There are people who use these ingredients in smoothies, on ice cream, and dozens of other snacks and treats that don’t need to be heated or microwaved. Aside from the delicious taste, hemp oil’s rich fatty acids help maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is perfect for health conscious people who strive to commit to all natural ingredients in their food. Hemp food is most definitely the “ultimate alternative” when it comes to eating healthy.

Hemp seed butter is another great variation of hemp food that your whole family is bound to enjoy. It spreads like peanut butter and even tastes better! Lay it on thick over crackers, bread, or even frozen treats. Hemp seed butter is rich in protein so you don’t at all lose that aspect when replacing conventional peanut butter with it. Much like all natural peanut butter, hemp seed butter has absolutely no additives and contains even more fatty acids and proteins than peanut butter, making it a great addition to a mid-day snack like apple slices.

So instead of wasting money on processed foods or even natural foods with less healthy characteristics, seek out some hemp food and really discover the difference in being all natural. You’ll save money eating hemp food, and breathe easy knowing that your family is taking the right step in healthy living.

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