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Industrial hemp can be used to make things like these stackable hemp chairs.The other day I was walking through a park with my family. We were enjoying a day out; gazing at beautiful flower patches, and marvelling at the crisp breeze in our faces. So much magnificent beauty our Earth had inhabited.

And then I had an epiphany.

What if we started fresh, found some land, and threw caution to the wind? What if we could rebuild an entirely new life from scratch, and live off the land like we were truly meant to? As my eyes scanned my surroundings, I began to search for the best place to plant my industrial hemp. You heard me correctly. Industrial hemp can be planted anywhere, so really I would only have to worry about the piece of land I’d want to build my house. Crops take time, money, careful planning, and chemicals. I didn’t feel like spraying pesticides on everything I was growing. With industrial hemp you can plant the hemp seeds, and then wait for the sun’s rays to do the rest. No chemicals, no high tech agricultural systems.

I then began to ponder what I would do with all this industrial hemp. Exactly what applications does hemp have in the everyday world which could be useful to mankind? After careful research and following current hemp news, I discovered that the applications for industrial hemp are actually quite limitless. I could harvest the plant for food: I had seen hemp seed oil and hemp butter in several delicious foods, not to mention healthy for you as well. I could harvest industrial hemp for clothing, paper, bio-fuel, rope, and cosmetics. Cosmetics?!

I was beginning to dive deeper into the world of industrial hemp farming, discovering that not only is this the cheapest way to “live off the land”, but the material I would be producing could be sold to virtually every single industry you can think of. I began to read a piece about hemp plastic from a hemp news website that blew my mind completely. Plastic made entirely from hemp, which would eliminate the conventional and non-biodegradable plastic we know today. Cars, toys, furniture, and so on and so on. My head was spinning with ideas and I had just began to scratch the industrial hemp surface.

Industrial hemp field up closeOnce I settled down on my lot and began to grow industrial hemp, I realized I might as well harvest this plant for a little of everything. It wouldn’t hurt the eco system since I’m harvesting a plant and powering my farm entirely from hemp. Not to mention my product grows in the sun and releases H2O into the environment. I didn’t have to worry about chemicals, because industrial hemp doesn’t need any of those in order to grow healthy and strong. I didn’t have to worry about having a bad harvest because industrial hemp grows so easily. My life was made. I had begun selling hemp for everything now, and people were loving it. Industrial hemp had taken off and our Earth was cleaner because of it.

I had an epiphany once. I dreamed I was an industrial hemp farmer.

One day…

One day…

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