More Farmers In Colorado To Start Growing Hemp

Colorado Industrial Hemp

Colorado Hemp FarmIndustrial hemp farming is still widely banned, but certain states who pushed for the bill to legalize the growth of hemp, have been taking off. Two Montezuma County farmers just recently joined the rest of the industrial hemp growers in Colorado (close to 100 now) who will begin to grow just over 1,300 acres of hemp this year. One farmer in Yellow Jacket and another in Mancos are beginning to prepare their land for the growth of industrial hemp. The lot in Mancos is just about 1 acre, while the hemp farm in Yellow Jacket is 5 acres. Even though this may seem like a little bit of land, it’s a good feeling to know that more and more farmers are beginning to legally grow industrial hemp.

Most of us know how useful hemp can be for the economy and the ecosystem, but it seems that the idea of growing “the perfect plant” is catching on. Once it became legal to grow industrial hemp in Colorado last year, there were certainly a handful of eager farmers, chomping at the bit to get their hands dirty (no pun intended). The only issue with that; finding a seed source. As hemp is still labeled a controlled substance in the eyes of Federal Law, some farmers found it difficult finding a seed source for their industrial hemp farm. But local farmers should worry, as Chris Boucher, VP of US Hemp Oil in California, has provided the farmers with the seed they would need to begin growing hemp on their lots.

This man isn’t just showing that he’s ready to step up his game to ensure hemp farmers are supplied with the resources they need to cultivate hemp at their leisure, but he’s making leaps and bounds by also offering to pay for the water it takes to maintain these hemps plants. This is hemp news at its finest, because we’re starting to see people all over the country making strides to ensure the growth of industrial hemp doesn’t get left in the dust.

One of the bigger reason these hemp farmers want to get started is the eventual use of biofuel made from hemp seeds. This fuel is almost the exact opposite of your average diesel fuel in the way that it costs worlds less to grow and harvest, as well as being economically friendly, unlike the fuel we know today which pollutes our atmosphere something fierce. Keeping up with current hemp news in Colorado, we can really get a grasp for how important it is to begin growing industrial hemp nationwide. This state, (among a small handful of others) seems to be making strides to help ensure a better future for us and our children. Is the legalization of industrial hemp farming that important? In a word, “yes”.

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