Kentucky Moving Forward Despite DEA Seizure

Kentucky has a history of industrial hemp

Kentucky Hemp Fields Returning SoonIn current hemp news, the DEA recently seized a 250 pound shipment of industrial hemp seeds from Italy heading to Kentucky for research purposes and Kentucky Agricultural Commissioner James Comer says he plans to move forward with the plans to grow, harvest, and research industrial hemp on one of the pilot lots they plan to grow on. Comer spoke with Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell about the seizure and explained that they had followed the rules perfectly, and that the growth of industrial hemp in the state is perfectly legal if protocols are met. Which they were. In fact, Senator McConnell was one of the lawmakers of the bill which passed, giving Kentucky to legally grow industrial hemp for research purposes and to determine the potential of the plant. The DEA has yet to comment, but Comer says they will move forward as planned. “They don’t realize, I don’t guess, that we have some actual seed in hand.” He said. “I think they’re running up the chain what they’re going to do.” He added, stating that the DEA actually made hints that there could be arrests made.

Lauren Standsbury is a spokeswomen for Vote Hemp, which is a partner in the process to grow industrial hemp in Kentucky for hemp seed, material, hemp biofuel, food, among countless other applications for this extremely versatile material. “If they want to arrest a bunch of war veterans for planting hemp, that’s their decision.” She said, also stating that the hemp fibers they grow will be made into American flags. As most of us know, hemp fibers can be turned into cloth, rope, paper, and even plastic.

According to Comer, the DEA is saying they need to run background checks on the University before thinking about releasing the hemp seeds to the personnel involved in the pilot program. Comer says he plans to sue if the hemp seeds are not released. DEA Chief Michelle Lionhart is well known for her distain for industrial hemp growth and was actually upset when an American flag made entirely from industrial hemp was being flown over the Nation’s Capital. This is just further evidence of how some people still don’t fully understand the plant, and still associate it with its more potent brother marijuana. Industrial hemp, of course, has absolutely no psychedelic characteristics. The world of hemp news is in a dizzying whirlwind right now, because certain officials still have not come to terms with the fact that hemp seed, hempstalk, and industrial hemp in general is, in fact, legal in the states which passed the bill.

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