Hemp: The World’s Most Perfect Material

Hemp seeds are great for your health

What if I sat you down in a dimly lit café, swirling a small straw around in my latte, while staring you dead in the face and telling you that I had hemp news for you which could be nature’s answer to virtually every issue mankind has created? You would probably laugh and tell me I’m crazy. Now what if I told you that because of Bill S.3501: Industrial hemp farming act of 2012, more and more states are beginning to grow their own hemp, and more and more people worldwide are starting to fully grasp just how versatile this material can be? You might still smirk and shrug it off as a passing idea, but I’d like to talk about a gentleman named Henry Ford who once had a dream of a car made entirely from hemp products. More specifically, hemp plastic.

What is hemp plastic? It’s a bio plastic made from industrial hemp and is 2 and a half times stronger than polypropylene plastic. It has none of the chemical risks of normal plastic and it’s completely biodegradable unlike the plastic we know today. Hemp plastic products can last longer as well. Now imagine a car made entirely from industrial hemp plastic. It can be 10 times stronger than steel, emit no pollution, and costs a fraction of what the average automobile would go for on the market today. Hemp farming takes care of the material, and all you need for this specific product is the sun and a little bit of time. Plastic made from hemp fibers almost seems too good to be true when you consider the idea of cars that we have today. When we think of cars we think of bulky metal, exhaust and pollution, and gas guzzling machines that are tearing up the ecosystem and tossing copious amounts of disgusting smog into the atmosphere. We couldn’t even imagine a sleek-looking vehicle which was also the world’s most eco-friendly car, made entirely from industrial hemp.

Canada recently revealed an industrial hemp car that fits 4 people, has a top speed of 90 km per hour, and is completely impact resistant. It literally is the world’s most eco-friendly car, and get this, it is way cheaper than your average vehicle. Of course, it’s completely legal to grow hemp in Canada, which is why they have the heads up on this revolutionary new way to clean up the planet, but right here in the US, more and more states are beginning to push Bill S.3501, which means someday soon we could see more and more of these industrial hemp cars popping up across the country. Sounds too good to be true? I assure you, it’s not.

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