Hemp Farming Might Soon Be Legal In New York

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Industrial Hemp coming to New YorkIn the world of industrial hemp news there has been an influx of information regarding the legalization of hemp cultivation across the nation. If you brush aside the sweet rhymes and dig a little deeper into the world of east coast hemp news, you might be surprised to see more and more states moving for the legalization of industrial hemp farming, and more specifically, New York. If you take a few minutes to research current hemp news and events, you’ll notice a refreshingly rapid increase of states pushing a bill to legalize hemp farming for research.

Industrial hemp has been used for a plethora of applications dating back to over 2000 years ago when paper was invented. Today, it’s rather simple to get your hands of hemp products, which include: food, clothing, soap, accessories, and a variety of other goods that have generated a whopping $581 million in retails sales in the US in 2013. These goods are available to us, completely legal, of course. On the flip side of this coin, hemp farming itself is not legal. At least not in every state. Yet.

In the wake of Hawaii recently passing a bill to allow for the University to grow hemp for research purposes, New York has quickly followed suit, considering a bill to legalize the growth of hemp for the same reasons. 6 other states have also recently pushed for this bill to pass, including Washington, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, South Carolina, and Minnesota. This year’s farm bill allows for the farming of hemp by state agricultural departments and universities across the country, the only catch, the state has to allow it. A handful of states, including New York, have begun to think differently about the growth of hemp, and this New York hemp bill is testament to the loosening noose around the neck of hemp farming as we know it.

There seems to be a wildly growing sensation of being “left in the dust” regarding the growing of hemp and New York is at the precipice of this idea, feeling that staying competitive in the agricultural industry is important for the research and development of hemp products as well as creating jobs. If you take into consideration all the benefits of growing hemp in New York, you can quickly see why a rather large state with agricultural competition would like to keep all their options open. There’s a big market for practical alternatives to every day materials, and more and more states are beginning to realize this and certainly plan to pop up soon in the world industrial hemp news.

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