Hemp: A Cleaner Tomorrow

Hemp Provides Clean Biofuel

Filling the tank with Biofuel is easy and cleanIn order for the world to have balance, some things need to change. Among some of those things, are radical ideas which could not only change the world, it could help save it. Industrial hemp has been illegal to grow commercially for some time now, but the ideas of what it could become are still strongly believed. The use for industrial hemp as bio fuel being one of the more amazing key functions for this easy to grow plant. With something like hemp fuel, we can not only run our machines on clean biofuel, but we would be spending much less in the meantime. Recent hemp news has allowed us to dive further into the sinkhole that some government agencies (including the DEA) have been trying to create for industrial hemp farmers across the country. The only thing they hadn’t expected, however, were the stepping stones being put in place by local government officials to pass a bill making it legal for industrial hemp growth for research purposes.

Although this may sound like a small step for man, it is a huge benefit to mankind in the long run. By planting industrial hemp, even for research purposes, you only need dirt and sun for the most part. By eliminating the need for special chemicals, pesticides, and a plethora of agricultural machines, manpower, and systems, you’re saving not only millions of dollars, but keeping the pollutants out of the air. Pollutants that are spewed by big machines and factories. Industrial hemp is just simply cleaner by a mile. Heck, by several miles. More and more industrial hemp farmers are putting in bids to start pilot lots across the nation. On these areas of land, they’ll grow hemp, harvest it, and research its further potential.

Now let’s talk energy for a second; it is completely possible to produce all of our energy from hemp. One acre of industrial hemp can produce one thousand gallons of methanol in a single season. In the process of burning this hem biofuel, the CO2 released into the air is already the same CO2 the hemp plant has taken from the environment. This closed carbon cycle could and would heal the damaged atmosphere that has been caused by harmful pollutants throughout over a century of burning fuel and gas. Vehicles are to blame for most of the pollution today, followed closely by big factories and mills. If you create a biofuel from industrial hemp, you’re creating a 100% clean burning fuel that won’t harm the Earth. If you factor in that the industrial hempstalks are also emitting H2O into the air that we breathe, (because it’s a plant) you’re already touching on one of the many bonuses industrial hemp has to offer us.

A clean burning fuel at a severely reduced cost to the consumer? Sign me up. As far as current hemp news goes, more and more industrial hemp farmers are signing up as well the Senators and Governors making it possible to begin the process of a cleaner tomorrow.

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