A Cleaner Earth with Hemp Fuel

BioDiesel from industrial hemp

Biodiesel fuel is more valuable that regular diesel since it is renewableCommon sense tells you that a clean Earth is better than a polluted one. These days almost everyone is concerned with clean energy, and hemp energy is among the top of the list when it comes to the discussion of an alternate energy source. Hemp fuel was once a simple dream which is slowly becoming a very real and exciting reality. Biodiesel can be made from any oil or fat and hemp seed oil is certainly no exception. You can easily create a hemp seed liquid chemically identical to petroleum based gasoline and a world apart in terms of “good for the environment”.

Imagine a world where hemp seed oil is the answer we need to turning things around for our planet and for ourselves. Imagine being able buy fuel for your car which cost less than your typical gasoline and doesn’t pollute the atmosphere. Imagine a place where societies grow their means of fuel from industrial hemp farming, instead of sucking it out of the ground from a non-replenishing source. Sounds like a dream come true right? Since it’s still illegal to grow hemp in most states this dream is still a far reach, but in the latest hemp news more and more states are pushing the bill to make industrial hemp farming a reality. Soon we could have automobiles made entirely from hemp, fueled by hemp seed oil, and driven by people with much larger smiles on their faces. Anyone would smile if they were paying less on virtually every aspect of transportation and keeping the Earth clean with all natural materials and fuel. The answers are out there, just search current hemp news and find out for yourself how real this dream can be.

Researchers at UConn have discovered that you can create biodiesel from feedstock (otherwise known as raw material). Industrial hemp can also grow in unfertilized soil, making it perfect for hemp farmers to find the land they need instead of growing on specific croplands. These croplands can then be used for growing vegetable, fruits, and other food products, which reduces the risk of sacrificing a daily essential for another fuel alternative.

An industrial hemp farmer could power his entire lot from just the seeds of the hemp stalks, and if more and more hemp farmers begin to grow hemp legally, (for uses such as clothing, food, and other industrial material), that would mean the hemp seed oil biodiesel industry would already start to boom. There would be very little need for investment as you wouldn’t have to worry about locating a resource, drilling (with thousands of employees working the sites), and eventually having to relocate once that resource has depleted. In this perfect world I speak of, all you need to do is plant the seeds and wait. The answers are out there, we just need to start waking up and realizing just how simple life can be for all of us, and just how clean we can make this planet…with just a little bit common sense.

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