Evo Hemp Bar – Hemp Seeds and Protein Powder!

The Evo Hemp Hat - Yes, it is made of hemp

The Evo Hemp Bar-Cashew CacaoBeing a father of four wonderful kids I take a lot of trips to Whole Foods to keep us all fed organically and in a GMO free manner. On a trip there a week ago I saw a guy working on the soup isle with a Evo Hemp hat on. Not knowing what Evo Hemp was but loving the logo, I politely asked him if it, the hat, was made of hemp.

He smiled back at me and answered “yes it is a hemp hat. Have have you tried an Evo Hemp bar?”.

“Of course not” I thought to myself being an avid juicer and not so much the energy/protein bar kinda guy. I gathered the politically correct answer together in my head and said “no, I will take a look at them but I love your hat.”

The Evo Hemp Hat - Yes, it is made of hempThey do have a great logo beautifully displayed on a black hemp hat with white raised stitched writing. We finished our shopping and left but I found that the Evo Hemp bar was on my mind with each subsequent visit to Whole foods. It must have been another 10 times before I found the isle that housed the Evo Hemp bars and, oddly enough, I found myself tempted and almost excited to try one.

GMO free, organic, hemp seeds and hemp protein powder, I have to admit, it had all the right markings to make me smile. I purchased the Cashew Cacao – Fight free radicals Evo Hemp bar and left the store with my spoils. I quickly forgot about my purchase until 9:30pm when my youngest, two and a half, says she is “hungy”. Jumping into my parental boots I remember the Evo Hemp bar and we sit down together. To my great surprise, 10 minutes later Evo hemp has two more loyal fans of the Cashew-Cacao hemp seed bar. Don’t get me wrong, it is not a light snack. We both smiled at each other having only shared one bar but we both did not need anything else. It was awesome! A little chocolaty, yet the dates, cashews, apricots and hemp seeds were present in each bite. Thank you Evo Hemp! What a great example of how hemp seeds and hemp protein powder can be used in concert with some other great organic ingredients to produce a fulfilling flavor explosion!

For those of you that were like me and are still saying “Evo Hemp, who are they and what is that” I have included some of “their” words to help us all understand what the hemp they are about.

Evo Hemp bar packs as much into it as you do into your day. Pure fruits, nuts and seeds sustain your energy and satisfy your taste buds on the go. The essential oils, protein, flavanols and minerals gives your healthy body what it needs, all backed by the incredible power of hemp seeds.

The Evo Hemp Line of hemp protein bars

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