Monthly Archives: October 2013

California Legalizes Hemp Cultivation, but Is Fashion Ready to Embrace the Fiber?

Andrew Asch ,  –  After being celebrated as a wonder plant and reviled as a public danger, hemp could be on the cusp of mainstream acceptance with the passage of a new law in California. Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed Senate Bill 566. It will allow California farmers to cultivate industrial hemp and to […]

Indiana: Senator proposes farmers grow hemp

Brianna Meyer,  Indiana Daily Student – Indiana Sen. Richard Young, D-Milltown, announced Oct. 18 his desire to allow Indiana farmers to have the opportunity to grow hemp. Industrial hemp is a plant that can be processed into a variety of oils, wax, resin, rope, cloth, pulp, paper and fuel. Since 1958, hemp has been illegal […]

UK: Occupants happy with their hemp and lime cottage

When a Hampshire couple decided to downsize from their family home, a 16thC listed thatched cottage – they wanted their new house to impact on the environment as little as possible. Green construction and minimal running costs were priorities. Bill and Anne Smith instructed AECB members, Inspiration Architects of Newbury, to design a smaller house […]

Legal or not, industrial hemp harvested in Colorado

SPRINGFIELD, Colo. (AP) – Southeast Colorado farmer Ryan Loflin tried an illegal crop this year. He didn’t hide it from neighbors, and he never feared law enforcement would come asking about it. Loflin is among about two dozen Colorado farmers who raised industrial hemp, marijuana’s non-intoxicating cousin that can’t be grown under federal drug law, […]

Hemp harvest begins in southeastern Colorado

America’s first (known) industrial hemp harvest in more than fifty years began this month in southeastern Colorado. This past spring, following last year’s passage of Amendment 64, which legalized small amounts of marijuana for adults and paved the way for industrial hemp production, farmer Ryan Loflin planted 55 acres of marijuana’s sober sister. Last week, […]