Monthly Archives: September 2013

New law allows industrial hemp crops in California

California farmers could be growing industrial hemp – not marijuana, mind you – by spring after Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation that would permit California farmers to grow the long-banned distant cousin of the trippy herb. But only if the federal government lifts its hemp cultivation ban. The new law permits the growing of industrial hemp – […]

Congressional Research Service: Hemp Is “Economically Viable”

The Congressional Research Service published a report about it’s research on hemp in America. What the Congressional Research Service found out is basically what hemp supporters have known all along – that hemp is an economically viable plant that should be tapped for a multitude of reasons, namely economic reasons. I find this study particularly […]

Scammers Target Cannabis and Hemp Stocks

  Caught a segment on CNBC today about FINRA warning investors about the stocks within the Cannabis Industry. The following letter was issued by their Frauds & Scams Investor Alert: Marijuana Stock Scams With medical marijuana legal in almost 20 states, and recreational use of the drug recently legalized in two states, the cannabis business has […]